by Peace to Death

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released November 25, 2014

Vocals- Peter Freeborn
Guitar- Drew Hurst
Guitar- Chris Spah
Drums- Jim Brenk

Lyrics- Peter Freeborn
Music- Peace to Death

Recorded and Engineered by Joe Freeborn
Mastered by Dane Hoppe

Artwork by Chris Spah w/ excessive and obnoxious input by the rest of us



all rights reserved


Peace to Death Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Conjuring
Lost behind the veil
Concealed reality
Forgotten ones
Guide me
Summoning a relic beast

Elder God take the lead
Through light and darkness
Vow to follow infinitely
Elder God I cannot see
Enveloped in chaos
Lost in mystery
Summoned one
Enlighten me

Unrelenting ephemeral torment
Preventing sleep and reprieve
Ancient essence whispers
Heard internal
Uttered in tongues of antiquity

Elder God take the lead
Through light and darkness
Vow to follow infinitely
Elder God I cannot see
Enveloped in chaos
Lost in mystery
Permeate occult gateways
Track Name: Maze
Guided across a causeway
Over the blood of those unknown
Failed attempts to traverse the flood of souls
View a guarded entrance
Flanked by winged lions
Engulfed in flames
Passing protectors
No turning back

Into an endless labyrinth
Walls to the clouds and through the earth
Supernatural stone reminiscent of home
Sense an ominous apparition
Chills up the spine signify
A view without the veil awaits
Answers to be found at the end of the maze

Twists and turns
Déjà vu
No map or plan to follow through
A hand to the wall
Follow left
Clueless to actual progress
Countless days pass
Flesh withers
For death
Brimming with abhorrent contrition
Question why one desires this secret

Glimmer in the distance
Within sight is exit
Sprinting desperation

Stumble out
Barren sand
Track Name: Desert
Forge directionless over dunes
Sun drops
Gives rise to full moon
Foreboding howl thunders cold air
Frenzy for guidance
Survey stars

Mystic constellation
Howls fade to silence
Follow stars panic stricken

Crest a dune
To find nine wolves with glowing eyes
Kin of moon
Lethal force and colossal size
Coarse vile fur
Stygian black reflects no light

Mouths open wide
Jagged teeth of white
Circling enclosed

Running faster
Moving closer blur of darkness
Death incarnate
Swarming nebula rises high
Cascade down devours my mind
Vision fades
Leave the body
Track Name: Visions
One with darkness
Rapid terror
Traverse abyss
Astral vessel

Visions of torment and horror
Plague the empty space
Unmanifest corrupted
Cascade of time doomed to repeat ruin

Cycles of destruction reborn only to cease

Bliss and misery
Not separate
Moments in totality
As above so below
Expression of the oversoul

Cycles of destruction reborn only to cease

Shadows turn to light

This abyss
Fractal infinite
Track Name: Enlightenment
Polarized unity
Do not grapple with the paradox
Let it go
In on itself it shall unfold

Within the spiral all is contained
Serpent of salvation
Center unnamed

Solve the square with circle inscribed
Phi the guide
Solve the square with circle inscribed
Alchemical gold

When patient compassionate and giving of forgiveness
When acknowledging the cruelty hatred and vengeance
Human perspective
Balancing its dualistic nature
Full potential surges through
The physical
A conduit
Approaching truth
Behold ouroboros
Source cyclical
Brahman impartial
To heads or tails

Ubiquitous oversoul
Cosmos eternal